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Neriak Vendors and NPC's

Vendors in Neriak

These vendors are labelled as selling 'Character Supplies' typically sell rations, bandages, water and other general supplies you may need on your travels. Those labelled 'Bartenders' generally have every kind of drink available in town, as well as usually selling empty bottles and casks for your own brewing ventures.

The Spires of Innoruuk

Issia H`Rugla - Fledgling Cleric spells
Trik N`Tan - Fledgling/Intermediate Cleric spells
Sol Punox - Fledgling/Intermediate Cleric spells
Svlin C`Luzz - Intermediate Cleric spells
Myris N`Tan - Advanced Cleric spells
Lyniv S`Kor - Advanced Cleric spells
Tzanso S`Tai - Weapons, Backpacks, Shields, Bandages, some Armor
Dvis Zexvo - Sometimes Exotic stones, metals, etc. Sometimes he has a variety, and sometime he has just the stone that you need to gate to the Plane of Hate

The Lodge of the Dead
Vissa D`Dbth - Fledgling Necromancer spells
Misal S`Kor - Fledgling Necromancer spells
Xantis Ixtas - Weapons, Tomes, Robes, Gems, Fletching supplies
Olak N`Mar - Intermediate Necromancer Spells
Rizyra F`Lok - Advanced Necromancer Spells
Gasia N`Mare - Shadowknight Spells
Jys D`Bious - Shadowknight Spells
Cazum N`Tan - Weapons, Backpacks, Bandages
Camor V`Retta - Shadowknight Spells

Hall of the Ebon Mask
Jerris W`Selo - Weapons, Lockpicks, Backpacks, Bandages
Kanthu M`Rekkor - Weapons, Lockpicks, Backpacks, Bandages


Jusar V`Lask - 'Sight' type of spells
Mizir N`Mar - Metal Enchantment spells
Misar D`Dbth - Portal and Alter Plane spells
Ash C`Luzz - 'Summoning' spells
Drisi J`Axx - Gate and Evac spells

Furrier Royale

Medron Ylask - Leather Armor and Patterns
The Bauble

Telnor D`unnar - jewelry making supplies, stones
Maiden's Fancy

Brewbarrel behind the bar
Cecile K`Jartan - Barkeep
Ratraz - Bouncer
Belyen K`Jartan - Barkeep
Tayla Ironforge - Dancer/Worker
Spice - Dancer/Worker
Mare X`Lottl - Dancer/Worker
Dizra To`Biath - Barkeep

Cuisine Excelsior

The Cuisine Excelsior has an oven outside you can make your own gourmet creations with
Katara L`Crit - Barkeep
Grazis L`Crit - Barkeep

The Rack

Yally G`Noir - Fine Wines

The heart of Neriak's Trade and business, this area houses the Indigo Brotherhood Guild Training building, The Spurned Guildmasters, the Burnished Coin, and the Finest Pub in all of Neriak - The Blind Fish.

Those vendors that are labelled as selling 'Adventurers Supplies' typically sell rations, bandages, water and other general supplies you may need on your travels. Those labelled Bartenders generally have every kind of drink available in town, as well as usually selling empty bottles and casks for your own brewing ventures.

Easy to Scribe Commons Vendor listing


Outside of BF is a forge
Opal H`Rugla - Weapons
Zanotix Ixtas - Slashing and some Piercing Weapons
Krivn S`Tai - Chainmail Armor, some Plate

Adamant Armor

Felok N`Tan - Steel Plate Armor

Forge House

This building is currently unoccupied
Neriak Downunder

This area has two entrances and houses the best pub in Neriak and the bank

The Burnished Coin

The bank of Neriak

The Blind Fish

There is a brewbarrel downstairs
Marenkor To`Biath - Barkeep
Glazn D`Unnar - Ore, Clay and Sharpening Stones
Sivy G`Noir - Miscellaneous
Rysva To`Biath - Barkeep

The Refined Palate

The Refined Palate has an oven inside of it you can use for baking
Niz L`Crit - Baking Supplies, Milk, Cookies
Dunred M`Trik - Adventuring Supplies

Bounty of the Earth

Marza T`Kik - Harvest Stones, Spring Stones, Potions


Tenso H`Rugla - Barkeep
Rista S`len - Barkeep
Halvn B`Dolph - Small Armor Molds

The Bleek Fletcher

Dianax C`Luzz - Fletching Supplies, Bows and Arrows

Warrior's Guild

Try your luck against friends and foes in the bloodstained arena
Lysanda S`Kor - Barkeep
Frivsa Punox - Barkeep
Svlis C`Luzz - Barkeep
Myrva N`Tan - Barkeep
Issva H`Rugla - Weapons, Shields, Backpacks, Bandages

The Spurned

Liza D`Unnar - Fledgling Enchanter spells
Tal G`Noir - Fledgling Enchanter spells
Litz B`Dph - Intermediate Enchanter spells
Kizya D`dbth - Intermediate Enchanter spells
Tizzy C`Luzz - Advanced Enchanter spells
Veca S`Karn - Enchanter Tomes
Syra L`Crit - 'Illusion' line of Enchanter spells

Cizzar J`Axx - Fledgling Magician spells
Riv N`Mar - Fledgling Magician spells
Mys S`Tai - Intermediate Magician spells
Pisna H`Rugla - Advanced Magician spells
Ranza S`Lon - Advanced Magician spells

Mak Ixtaz - Fledgling Wizard spells
Kis K`Jartan - Intermediate/Advanced Wizard spells

Tkaz H`Rugla - Assorted Spells
Dissa C`Luzz - 'Shield' Line of Spells and others
Mirzana N`Mar - Tomes, Daggers, Stones, Robes, some Runes
Genzal R`Jyen - Tomes, daggers, etc.

The Dashing Form

Mikaela S`Kor - Cloth Armor

House of D`Dbth

Volkoon D`Dbth - Adventurer's Supplies

Street Vendors

Mariz Ixtaz - Fishing supplies

Lighter races have been given full rein in this quarter to have their own businesses set up. *sneers* I will try not to pass too many of my feelings on this decision made by the Council and will concentrate instead on telling you what is sold here.

Those vendors that are labelled as selling 'Adventurers Supplies' typically sell rations, bandages, water and other general supplies you may need on your travels. Those labelled Bartenders generally have every kind of drink available in town, as well as usually selling empty bottles and casks for your own brewing ventures.

Easy to Scribe Foreign Quarter Vendor listing

Foreign Quarter: Human/etc. side
Gambels Greens

Gambel Quick - Potions and Crystals

Smugglers Inn

Outside of the Smugglers Inn is a pottery wheel and a kiln.

Farlain Stonethrower - Boots and Shoes
Palais Derekor - Boxes, Wrist Packs, Backpacks
ChonChon - Clay, Firing sheets, Glass Shards and other pottery supplies
Tala Felton - Barkeeper
Darien Felton - Barkeeper
Wiska - Beer brewing supplies
Slugg's Tavern

Outside of Slugg's Tavern is a brew barrel

Damar Nislan - Barkeeper
Tanai Tanbor - Barkeeper
Dran 'slug' Renbo - Adventurers Supplies
Vela Tanbor - Adventurers Supplies
Silk Underground

Mordant Tather - Cloth Armor, Small Sewing kits
Jasma Tather - Cloth Armor, Small Sewing kits
Drana's Bread and Butter

Outside of Drana's Bread and Butter is an oven

Sal Drana - Muffins, Rations, Water, Mixing Bowl, Cookbooks
Tal Drana - Muffins, Rations, Water, Mixing Bowl, Cookbooks

Foreign Quarter: Right side (Troll/Ogre)
Bites and Pieces

Outside of Bites and Pieces is an oven

The Gobbler - Adventurers Supplies
Smaka - Adventurers Supplies
Shinie Tings

Canarie - Jewelry and Jewelers Supplies
(unmarked building, left of entrance)
Outside of this building is a forge

Jarvah - Large Leather armor, Large Leather patterns and small sewing kit
Bronk - Large Chainmail
Pig Sticker

Outside of the Pig Sticker is a forge

Namarg - weapons, backpack, bandages, bread
Kruna - many weapons, some bronze
Thrack - rusty weapons, possibly some fine steel
Shadow Knights Guild

Slunga - Barkeeper
Pungla - Barkeeper
Street Vendors

Ghrag - Weapons, some Bronze
Ungia - Weapons and Container molds
Putad - Weapons and Container molds

Paineel is a gorgeous evil city... for Erudites that worship Cazic Thule only. Those who live and work here are not tolerant of any outsiders no matter how blackened their hearts may be, only acts against the High Council in Erudin are likely to win their admiration.

We have chosen to list figures that are prominent in the city as well as the vendors that sell goods. Since this is a city rich in lore and quests, we felt this may be of some use to the anxious traveller. Keep your invisibility spells handy and a wizard or druid to spell you out in case of attack would be wise as well *chuckles*

Those vendors that are labelled as selling 'Adventurers Supplies' typically sell rations, bandages, water and other general supplies you may need on your travels. Those labelled Bartenders generally have every kind of drink available in town, as well as usually selling empty bottles and casks for your own brewing ventures.

Athenaeum Necromantia

Elia Athrex - a somewhat non-talkative Necromancer outside the Library
Librarian Kesler - his conversation falls somewhat short after he asks you if you'd care for any books and doesn't respond back to you.
Ernax the Scholar - seems to have some information on mana storage devices.
Library Assistant - such a ghoulish temperment! =)
Talloth Vera - Like many of the residents of Paineel, he whispers of the followers of the Dark Truth, but is reluctant to speak more about them

Darkglobe Palace

Royal Guard Sheltuin
Overlord Virate Manaar
Royal Guard Lilkus

Fortune's Fancy

Dannis Faleet - jeweler - sells Jewelers book, kit, metals but very few gems. Upon speaking to him you will hear that he seems to be of not the best reputation as a jeweler.....

Tabernacle of Terror

Tenralus Brackmar - weapons, backpacks, bandages
Ishen Lelelan - chainmail
Lillean Han Oni - spells
Erelin Verisue - spells
a spirit chanter - you will hear it's cries of vengance as you traverse the priests guild...
Nivold Predd - Cleric Guildmaster
Sern Adolia - Cleric Guildmaster
Miadera Shadowfyre - Cleric Guildmaster
Atdehim Sqonci - has some jobs to assign to Clerics
Dzan Amo - has some jobs to assign to Clerics
Kervis Ackblor- shields
Jenkin Fleetmore - 1 handed blunt weapons
Oren Calferdo - spells
Zarnlel Apridor - spells

Superior Supplies

Geomar Hapera - lanterns, backpacks, bandages, water
Rallia Hapera - lanterns, backpacks, bandages, water

The Poisoned Petal

Yvonne Ani - Alchemy supplies

The Final Reckoning

The city Bank
False Idols

Pottery Kiln and Wheel
Taria Clayspinner - clay, firing sheets, vial sketches
Evus Doracmal - clay, firing sheets, vial sketches
Tentus Brackmar - ore, clay, sharpening stones

Good Iva's Tasty Treats

Iva Tersala - muffins, bread, rations, water, cookbooks. Could it be that she's hiding a secret?
Goring Alusnein - muffins, bread, rations, water, cookbooks.

Sinfully Handsome

Pardas Nalue - cloth armor
Winnla Crestus - leather armor

Shackeled Spirits

Cask for your own brewing in here
Taralani Rahnta - alcohol, glass, bottle, cask, kiola sap

The Abattoir

Medoris Flalzm - ghost
Ninna Flalzm - ghost
Tormented Soul
Leouve Kieqmarn - spells
Nedorl Ipabrun - spells
Danus Kelmun - spells
Kilevra Natasu - spells
Delvinious Natasu - spells
Auhrik Siet`ka - Necromancer Guildmaster
Antus Shelbra - Necromancer Guildmaster
Linnlen Brackmar - research supplies, weapons, gems, water, rations
Keletha Nightweaver - robes, research supplies, weapons, gems, water, rations
Coriante Verisue - Necromancer Guildmaster

The Fell Blade

A forge and an arena are located inside this Guild
Faratain - Plate Armor
Dilche Orlezcha - weapons, some leather armor
Brettas Norval - spells
Dovan Sires - spells
Sheras Milaku - spells
Davorre Bloodthorn - ShadowKnight Guildmaster
Mandaril DarkKnife - ShadowKnight Guildmaster
Shevra Kollintar - ShadowKnight Guildmaster

The Overthere is the outpost on Kunark that welcomes those dark of heart and deed. There are a variety of vendors here, but beware that unless you have done favors for those close to Venril Sathir, you will not get the good prices you may be used to in your home town

The buildings tend to be somewhat non-unique, so the vendors below are clustered by general proximity to each other.

Dom K`Perl - Cabilis Books
Admiral Tylix and his Pet

Dyth X`Teria - Wizard Guildmaster - Barkeep

These merchants and others are around a cooking fire. Also near by is a kiln, pottery wheel, brew barrel and oven. A forge is located on the beach.

Kelsi Q`Grnol - Very Experienced Enchanter spells
Brinaa Darkpact - spell scroll quest
Vaean the Night - spell scroll quest
Grubmar Hartblak - Very Experienced ShadowKnight spells
Lissa T`Born - Very Experienced Cleric spells
Kuglaz Grut - Very Experienced Shaman spells
Vizra L`Nizlon - Very Experienced Mage spells
Siladdarae N`Riese - spell scroll quest
Tyrin F`Linz - Very Experienced Wizard spells
Utandar Rizndown - buyer of general things
Finly Kitoran - Very Experienced Necromancer spells
Bukuku Wolffetz - spell scroll quest
Slicia J`Singe - spell scroll quest

Tin Merchant I - adventurers supplies, bandages
Tin Merchant II - bags, boxes, containers
Tin Merchant III - jewelry
Tin Merchant IV - stones
Tin Merchant V - tinkering supplies
Tin Merchant VI - pottery supplies
Tin Merchant VII - bladed weapons
Tin Merchant VIII - blunt weapons
Tin Merchant IX - tailoring supplies
Tin Merchant XI - baking supplies

Mystery in the 3rd Gate

Mystery in the 3rd Gate , there is a firepot that burns at the deadend just past the bridge this pot is Guarded and when it is clicked on displays the message that it is locked and you are not holding the key ? , I have searched for the answer to this and found no info to where to get the key or what lays beyond the locked firepot some say it is a porthole to another zone , sone say it is a hidden city zone within Neriak's 3rd Gate if you have any info on this Mystery please contact me I am very curious to what is beyond the firepot