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Shadow Knight Quest Armor Dark Forge

Darkforge Armor is black plate, except for the helm, bracer, gauntlets, and boots, which are a blood red color.

Darkforge Helm
Stats: AC: 13 - Wt: 3.0 - Slot: Head

Darkforge Breastplate
Stats: AC: 20 - Wt: 5.0 - Slot: Chest
Attributes: STA+10 SV MAGIC+3 (LORE - MAGIC)

Darkforge Vambraces
Stats: AC: 11 - Wt: 5.0 - Slot: Arms
Attributes: STR+4 (LORE - MAGIC)

Darkforge Bracer
Stats: AC: 8 - Wt: 2.0 - Slot: Wrists
Attributes: DEX+3 (MAGIC)

Darkforge Gauntlets
Stats: AC: 12 - Wt: 2.5 - Slot: Hands
Attributes: DEX+2 SV MAGIC+5 (LORE - MAGIC)

Darkforge Greaves
Stats: AC: 11 - Wt: 3.7 - Slot: Legs
Attributes: STA+9 SV MAGIC+3 (LORE - MAGIC)

Darkforge Boots
Stats: AC: 11 - Wt: 1.5 - Slot: Feet
Attributes: STA+3 (LORE - MAGIC)

Please note that being plate , Iksar cannot wear Darkforge armor. All other SK races can wear Darkforge.

The quests start in the Temple of Sol Ro in Lavastorm - although there is no requirement to visit there prior
to handing items in to get the armour. There are two undead knights in the temple hail either one to start the
quests, be careful that you're handing your hard won items to the correct knight as they make the different
things. When ever handing items in ensure they are unstacked. It is possible for 2 people to complete one
quest - simply have your friend hand his piece of decayed in first and then ensure you complete the quest
immediately afterwards.
Head to Cazic Thule (CT), the dungeon in Feerott, and kill Crusaders (Level 31-33 Shadowknight Lizards) that drop pieces of Decayed Armour. Each piece of Darkforge is made from a pair of pieces of decayed and another component. As Shadowknights, remember that the Crusaders will harm touch, fear, and darkness you.

Darkforge Gauntlets: left and right gauntlets + 1 bar of enchanted platinum.
Darkforge Bp: Decayed Mail and Breastplate + 2 bars of enchanted platinum
Darkforge Greaves: Left and Right Legplate (these look like arms) + 2 piece of Melatite
Darkforge Boots: Left and Right Boot + 2 fairy dusts
Darkforge Bracer: Left and Right Bracer + 1 broken mino horn.
Darkforge Helm: Decayed Visor and Helm + 2 broken freeport militia helms.
Darkforge Vambraces: Left and Right Vambracers + 1 Qeynos Kite Shield

Turning in the Left and Right Decayed Bracer, along with the horn will only yield one Darkforge bracer, so you will have to complete the quest twice to complete your set.

Qeynos Kite Shields: (Vambraces) There are 2 easy guards at the first guard tower in North Karana, following the way from South Karana Stone Bridge. 2 kills, 2 shields or by giving a low level 10pp to go inside the city and buy one off a vendor for you (sell for 5-8pp last time I checked). The shield you require is indeed a Qeynos Kite Shield (not a wooden kite shield, or any other form). It has the flag of Qeynos as it's graphic.
Damaged Militia Helms: (Helm) Easiest to get from the patrolling guard (Ledshin) behind the arena in West Freeport. This item is nodrop.

Faery Dust: Lesser F. Faery town. The easy maidmen drop the dust, too, you don't have to kill the guards
(drop). -When getting Faerie Dust, it is best to hang around near Felwithe in Gfay and kill pixies and other
small game until you see a Faerie spawn. They are usually a Faerie Royal Guard, Maiden, Princess, etc.
Dust drops usually on 1 out of every 3 or 4 of them, so it shouldn't be too difficult. Remember, Faerie Dust is
white, Pixie Dust is yellow, be wary if people try to sell it to you. I would also suggest resisting the urge to
go to Lesser Faydark and camp the Pixie building. True, Faeries have a better potential to spawn here, but
you risk running into a wandering Brownie, NPC druids who are TOUGH for their level (30-45). Your best bet is to be patient in Greater Fay.

Broken Minotaur Lord Horn (Bracer) is always dropped off of the Mino Lords in Steamfont. They are reasonably difficult, but if you are a good soloer you can take them alone at 33+, otherwise get another person around your level to help and they should be no trouble. One thing to watch for is that deep in the Mino caves (if you follow the left path) Mino Lords spawn and wander, dangerously close to lvl 35 gnome necro, Meldrath. Anyone who has ever fought NPC necros around their level before knows that unnecessarily engaging one is generally not the best idea. Remember that the Minotaur Hero is different from the Lord and a much higher level mob (mid to high 40s i believe).

Melatite (Greaves) is found on the clockworks in Sol A. People often are selling melatite in the zone for 50pp per brick or so, but if you want to camp them it drops fairly often (1 out of 2 or 3 has it).

Enchanted Platinum Bars: Buy a normal platinum bar and have an enchanter enchant it

Hunting Crusaders in Cazic becomes significantly easier at 30 with Gather Shadows and Feign Death allowing you quick access to other areas if necessary. If you're below 30 - join a Throne Room group. You'll get a chance at a Lizzie Cloak as well if you're lucky and it's closer to the zone.

The best place to hunt Crusaders is probably 4-corners or the ziggurat (pyramid temple).

Crusaders are known to have Zealots as placeholders.

When you zone into CT you enter the courtyard (cy).

To your right is an entrance to the maze - which leads to 4-corners and the Ziggurat (stepped-temple).
Straight ahead of you, up the ladder and then down the righthand side well is the way to the planks/sewers and then AoF.
Straight ahead of you and through the door on the far wall in the left hand side is the way to the Silver Guards/Temple.
To your left at the far end of the wall is the door to either - turn right at the t-junction - Throne Room or turn left at the T-Junction - AoF.
As soon as you join the group, ALWAYS tell them that you are looking for Crusaders so you can loot pieces of decayed for quest armor. Remind them that it is No Drop. It is also often best to remind them nearing the end of a battle with a Crusader, in case someone decides to loot the corpse and grabs some decayed because "it looked like banded". Never discount a well written shout every 15/30 mins or so - few ppl like the whole twink thing - and other SK's esp. would rather let an SK loot than some other class. I certainly send /tells to fellow SK's if I find decayed I've already got. It also helps in my experience if you list which pieces you need.

Mistmoore/Najena: Previously the 2 quest giving Undead Knights lived in Mistmoore and Najena - they have since been moved to the Temple of Sol Ro.
Minotaur Hero: Previouslythe Additional Component for a Darkforge Bracer was a Minotaur hero shackle also used in the Hero Bracer quest. It was changed due to heavy competion from Hero Bracer farmers.

Gorillas: For one historic week the Gorillas in Cazic Thule dropped Decayed - they haven't done since.

AC/Weight: The stats for Darkforge have been changed, the AC increased and the weight decreased.

Decayed Drops Rates: Previously Crusaders drop one or none decayed. They now seem to drop one or two pieces. Crusaders have also been made much more common

Nodrop: The armor was originally nodrop, but this was changed when the AC was increased. The decayed pieces remain nodrop.


Troll in full Dark Forge

Dark Forge Quest can be started around level 25 to 30 , NOTE: When replaceing Dark Forge with better armor the Breastplate , Greaves & Helmet are items used in the Shadow Knight epic quest.