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Rogue Epic 1.0

Quest Details : Rogue Epic 1.0
Quest Title Steps Last Update
Rogue Epic 1.0 11 5/1/2005 12:24:00 AM
Reward for Completion
Steps To Complete

Finding Malka Rale
*optional Malka Rale is in the Qeynos Aqueducts at +380, -210, -80. Say " I will help" to get 'Stanos' Pouch'. -Placeholder is 'A courier' -'A courier' despawns at 8pm game time, Malka will spawn at 10pm game time in the place of the courier. -The courier DOES NOT need to be killed to get Malka to spawn.

Pick Pocketing a dwarf
Travel to North Kaladim and locate Founy Jestands at +520, +307, -35. Pick Pocket the 'stained parchment top' from him. He is a rogue GM near the bank. -He will despawn ot 8am game time and respawn at 10am. -He will NOT always spawn with the parchment piece. -If you get caught while PPing then run for the zone ASAP-the zone is close.

Pick Pocketing a Dark Elf
Travel to Neriak 3rd gate and locate Tani N'Mar at +650, -1300. Pock pocket the 'stained parchment bottom' from him. He is a rogue GM in the rogue guild hall. -Despawns at 7pm, respawns at 9pm. -He will NOT always spawn with the parchment piece.

Find Stanos

Find Stanos Herkanor in Highpass Hold (in secret smugglers camp-must go through underwater tunnel) at +10, +325, +45. Give him both the 'stained parchment top' and the 'stained parchment bottom' at the same time to recieve the 'Combined Parchment.' -Stanos was found to have spawned after saying to Anson that "I need to see Stanos". Make sure you are standing on the table, if you are on his spawn point he will not show. NOTE: faction must be above apprehencive. -If Anson is not in the camp you will have to kill his smuggler place holder. The smugglers are failry high level and will require a full well rounded group of 50+ to kill. Stano was not up and with Dark Elf faction when telling Anson " I need to see Stano " Anson just called me a lump of slime and wouldn't talk to me , I had to use the method of getting "Stano's Pouch " from Malka Rale and giving the "Pouch" to Anson to spawn Stano ,,

I didnt say anything to Anson I just stould hehind him and handed him the "Pouch" then Stano spawned right in front of Anson ..


Locating Eldreth
Travel to Lake Rathetear and locate Eldreth in the island tower at +2600, -550. Hand Eldreth the 'Combined Parchment,' 100 platinum, and 2 bottles of unstacked mill all at once to receive the 'Scribbled Parchment.'If you don't have indifferent faction, sneak when turning in the items. -Eldreth spawns every three hours after despawing.

Traveling to the Plane of Hate
Travel to the Plane of HAte and pick up the "Book of Souls" Located in the house across from Maestro's Cathedral. Go naked with a gate potion, sneak and hide into the building, go up the stairs to the right, the book is on the table. You can loot it while sneak/hiding. Move out of the building to an empty area and activate gate potion. -10 hour spawn time on the book.

Finding Yendar Starpyre
Travel to Steamfont Mountains and locate Yendar Starpyre. Hail him to keep him from running or say 'book'. Give him the 'Scribbled Parchment' and you will recieve the 'Tattered Parchment'. -He wanders the entire zone so have a tracker.

Killing Renux
Give Yendar Starpyre the "Tattered Parchmen' and the 'Book of Souls'. He will despawn and a level 50 human rogue named Renux will spawn. (she quads for 200+ and wields a weapon which procs clockwork poison) -Quickly engage combat or she will despawn. -After she has been killed, loot the "jagged Diamond Dagger' and the "translated Parchment' from her. -Yendar will respawn 3 hours after Renux has been killed.

Returning to Highpass Hold
Return to Highpass Hold and to Stanos' camp. Spawn Stanos and give him the 'Translated Parchment' and recieve 'a sealed box'.

Killing a General
Travel to Kithicor FOrest and locate the Dark Elf House at +800, +2400. Kill every dark elf except the Brigadire. Sneak and hide to the equivelant of 5 paces behind the Brigadire. Make absolutely sure there is NOTHING around that could aggro on you. Turn in the box to the Brig which will spawn the General. Pull the General to a safe spot and kill him. Loot the 'General's Pouch' and the rare 'Cazic Quill.' -If he does not drop the 'Cazic Quill' you must obtain it through a side quest.

Final Turn in
Once you have the 'Jagged Diamond Dagger,' the 'Cazic Quill' and the 'General's pouch' travel back to Highpass Hold and turn all three into Stanos. You will be rewarded with Ragebringer.


Ragebringer  Item Glossary
Weight: 2.5 Size: SMALL
Damage: 15 Delay: 25
Ratio: 1.666 Amazing
Damage Bonus: 13 (lvl 65)
Comparative Efficiency: 86
Offhand Efficiency: 37
Str: +20 Dex: +10 Sta: +10 Agi: +10 Disease Resist: +10 Magic Resist: +20 Poison Resist: +20 HP: +100
Weapon Skill: Piercing
Classes: Rogue
Races: Vah Shir Dwarf Gnome Dark Elf Barbarian Halfling Wood Elf Half Elf Human
Slot 1: Type 4
Kunark Required: Yes
Last updated: Wed Oct 6 12:43:42 2004

Spell Icon Effect: Seething Fury
Type: Worn

Rarity: Rare
Level to Attain: 50

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This item is the result of a quest.
  • Ragebringer (Rogue Epic)
    Quests: This item is used in quests.

    Additional Modifiers:
  • Attack: +40
  • Haste: +40%
    Item Lore
    The side quest are done with

     Vilnius the Small

    Western Karana

    Actually if you get Stano's Pouch from Malka in Qeynos sewers and read her message she will tell you to take it to

    "Vilnius the Small in West Karana" ,

    The way I understand it

    Vilnius the Small will side quest items if they do not drop off of mobs , If the  General V`Ghera drops the Cazic Quill consider yourself lucky , if he does not drop the Quill you need to do the side quest with 4 robe turn in to Vilnius , Renux Herkanor may or may not drop the Jagged Diamond Dagger , if she does consider yourself lucky , if she doesn't you need to turn in the 4 swords GZ, Fleshripper , Mithril 2hs , Painbringer to Vilnius to get the Jagged Diamond Dagger ,, To be honest I am hoping to be one of the Lucky ones , so I have NOT really looked into the side questing with Vilnius the Small , this is just how I have understould it works, If I need to side quest with Vilnius then I will update as it happens , I do know I took my 1st Stano's Pouch to Vilnsius in West Karana and he told me to bring him 4 swords " the ones mentioned above " then when I spawned Stano I had go back and get a second "Stano's Pouch" from Malka again , she seems to give these Pouch's over and over , so if you turn in one you get another one as needed.

    NOTE : As a Dark Elf my faction was "READY TO ATTACK" with Stanos Herkanor , Anson McBale  and the other smugglers at the camp in Highhold , I used the Burnoose of the Halfbreed  to become dubiously to them and then used sneak/hide for my turn in to Stano and to talk to him .. Also at lvl 53 all the Quest mobs at the smuggler camp conned RED to me .. So you might want to approach these guys with caution rather than just run up to them ..



    As the game changes and with the Epic 1.5 and 2.0 the quest may be subject to change , This walkthrough is how I am doing my Epic Quest as of 5.1.2005 it seems to be like this , I have not finished my Epic yet I am up tp the General part and so far this walkthrough is working for me , You might want to look around and make sure there have been no changes made to the Quest before you dedicate the time to it , All I can tell you is as of 5.1.2005 this is the walkthrough I am using and it is working this way ..