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Level 50 Shadow Knight Life Leech Spell Quest

In Rathe Mountains , roams a Dark Elf Necromancer named Kazzel D'Leryt he is level 50 and he roams around the skeleton ruins near Feerrot zone he is always followed by his pet , and will only insult Shadow Knights and Necromancers less than level 50 .

say;Hail Kazzel D'Leryt'
Kazzel D'Leryt says 'Finally a servant worthy of my needs... Apparently you are of high status... which perhaps means you might know a master [jeweller] capable of facetting a very magical yet fragile stone ?
say;I know a jeweller;
Kazzel D'leryt says 'You will provide me with 2000 platinum pieces as a deposit , then you will take this stone to a master jeweller or [Darfumpel] , have it facetted and return it to me along with an orb of pure crystal , a gold necklace the color of snow , and the [blood of Xenyari] .
Do that and i will provide you with magic beyond that of most knights of darkness.
say;Who is Darfumpel?'
Kazzel D'Leryt says 'Darfumpel is a gnomish shopkeeper here in Rathe Mountains . He apparently has a new technique for gemcutting . However , he will not deal with me due to my affiliation with necromancy . Speak with him and perhaps he might be willing to aid you for a price . But make sure to hide your true nature . He dispises dark magic .
say;Where can i get blood of Xenyari?'
Kazzel D'Leryt says'Xenyari is a druid that inhabits these parts . She is rarely seen , however i require a droplet of her blood . Here is the catch though , one you may be well suited for if you are disiring magic of the knights of darkness . Xenyari must give of herself willingly . In other words , you cannot take her blood by force . But rather , she must give you her blood of her own accord .

Upon giving him 2000 platinum pieces .
Kazzel D'Leryt says;Very well . Take this gem to a master jeweller and return to me with the three other items .

At this point you receive the Uncut Hyacinth.

Darfumpel Zirubbel is located near the Lake Rathe zone at the Inn . Same hut as the Dwarf who makes dragon armor . Location is 4110 , 900 .
say;hail Darfumpel Zirubbel'
Darfumpel Zirubbel says;Hail . I am Darfumpel , master jeweller and proprietor of this here shop . How might I assist you today ? Perhaps you need a stone [cut] or some jewelry [repaired]?
say;I need a stone cut' .
Darfumpel Zirubbel says;Yes , i use a new gemcutting technique that i designed myself . It will bring out the beauty of any gem . However , as arrogant as this may sound , I do not cut just any ordinary stones . They must be rare or of extraordinary quality . Have you an exceptional stone that requires facetting ? if so , what type of gem is it ?
say;It is an uncut Hyacinth' .
Darfumpel Zirubbel says; A hyacinth eh ? That is quite a rare stone . Quite fragile and easily shattered too . But with my new technique , I can assure you that I will not destroy the gem but it will cost you . 1000 platinum coins is my fee . Provide me with the coins and the gem and I will cut it for you .

Upon giving him 1000 platinum pieces and an uncut Hyacinth .
Darfumpel Zirubble says;I have not seen a gem such as this in quite some time ! It was not since I dabbled in abit of a necro... wait.. What are you going to use this for ? Nevermind . I do not wish to know . Here , take your gem and leave .

At this point you receive a faccetted Hyacinth .

Xenyari Lisariel wanders around the Druid ruins not for from the Lake Rathe zone or Darfumpel's shop .

say;hail Xenyari Lisariel' .
Xenyari Lisariel says;Hello .
This is all she will say to you . however , if you follow her around she will begin to say;Oh i wish i had a Prickly Pear . I just have this insatiable craving for a Prickly Pear . But Permafrost is just so far... sigh .
If you say anything about Prickly Pear or Permafrost she will say .
Xenyari Lisariel says;'Yes yes! Prickly pears! Do you have any ? I just love Prickly Pears but Permafrost is just so far away even for us Druids .

To get a Prickly Pear you need to go to Permafrost and kill a Icy Terror . Icy Terror is located near Lady Vox entrance . you will need to kill a few Ice Giants and spiders the Ice Giants range in level from the Diplomat level 35 to the Mage Ice Giant I'm told he is level 50 because he does and will summons . The Icy Terror are level 45 to 50 most being level 50 . The first Icy Terror can be pulled without getting attention from Vox , Priest of Nagafen and the others . Beyond that may bring them all ? Best thing to do is go in on a Lady Vox raid to get your Pear .

Upon giving the Prickly Pear to Xenyari Lisariel .
Xenyari Lisariel says;Prickly Pear! I just love Prickly Pears!! Thank you so much for getting these for me . I really , really appreciate your gift and I shall not...OWW!! I hate when i stick myself with the needles . Oh look , I am bleeding now . Sigh . Can you hold this note for a moment please ? My hands are full and i must clean up .

At this point you receive the bloodied parchment .

you must now go to Lower Guk , Live side and get the White gold necklace from the Froglok Noble . And then go to Nagafen's Lair a.k.a Sol B . The stone spider drops the Crystalline Orb .

Upon giving facetted hyacinth , white gold necklace , crystalline orb and bloodied parment to Kazzel D'Leryt .
Kazzel D'Leryt says;You are quite cunning . After i fashion this Talesm , take it back to Xenyari . She would 'enjoy' another 'gift;eh ?

At this point you receive Faceted Hyacinth Talesm
(Magic , Lore , No Drop STR -25 , STA - 25 , Wis -25 SHD , NEC only)

Upon giving the faceted hyacith talesm to Xenyari Lisariel .
Xenyari Lisariel bounces around with joy at her new gift , smiles at you , and dons the Talesm . As she clasps the Talesm around her neck , she begins to writhe in agony , and slowly fades from sight leaving just the Talesm , which is now pulsating with energy .

At this point you get Pulsating Hyacinth Talesm .
(Magic , Lore No Drop INT + 7 , AGI + 7 SHD , NEC only)

Upon giving the pulsating hyacinth to Kazzel D'Leryt .
Kazzel D'Leryt laughs heartily and whispers to you , 'well done worm , your servitude to my will has expired...
monstrous zombie hits YOU for 117 points of damage .
monstrous zombie hits YOU for 151 points of damage .
monstrous zombie hits YOU for 117 points of damage .

Kazzel D'Leryt has summoned a monstrous zombie . It conned RED to me at level 50 so it is atleast level 53 it is a giant dark bone skeleton and can hit for up to 171 damage , can cast Harm Touch and summons . After killing the zombie loot his monstrous zombie heart .

Upon giving the monstrous zombie heart to Kazzel D'Leryt .
Kazzel D'Leryt says;Oh! Umm... Well... I was just playing with you... Obviously you know i was joking... We had a deal and i will obide by the terms of our agreement... Here is my payment for your services... Bye...

At this point Kazzel D'Leryt disappears leaving you with your level 49 Life Leech Spell...


This is actually a Level 49 spell but Kazzel D'Leryt will only talk to Level 50 plus characters . When i did this quest Kazzel D'Leryt would not talk to me even though i was Level 50 i found that he spelled the [key] word to start the quest wrong he spells [jeweller] useing 2 letter " L " when i corrected the spelling and said "I know a master jeweler" . This got the quest started for me i reported it as a spelling bug to my server GM but havent checked it out since . Zombie is tough we had 3 groups from our Guild that day in Rathe Mountains level 45 plus and still had a death .
Good Luck on the Quest it is a big one . Use wolf form when dealing with Darfumpel and Xenyari , hide your true dark side .

Upon /petitioning several times the spelling of the word [jeweler] has been corrected from [jeweller] to [jeweler].