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The Neriak Signal As reported by Lynsalai T'Nyal of Neriak

The Neriak Signal edition no. 2

*Mayhem in Qeynos*

In Qeynos, Antonius Bayle officially dismantled rumors of war approaching
Qeynos. He ordered everyone to remain calm. Disgusted with this situation,
King Naythox Thex made the following statement:

"Fellow Teir'Dal, Antonius Bayle has once again exhibited how weak humans
can truly be. He chooses to run from war instead of facing it head-on. The
Teir'Dal Nation shall never fear war. Fight! Fight, I say! Destroy one's
enemies and be gone with them.

"Always be prepared for war. Never let the enemy see fear in your eyes.

"Each day, the Threefold Plague of Bertoxxulous destroys crop in the
Karanas. The Qeynos government chooses to ignore warnings of the food
shortage currently being experienced. Foolish humans, let them parish.
Their merchants beg for mercy and are forced to ask help of the rest of the
world. It is my rule that the citizens of Neriak shall only assist fellow
Teir'Dal and those friendly to our cause.

"No Teir'Dal wishing to remain amongst the living, shall help the foolish
citizens of Qeynos.

"Let them wither away and die!"

Our King has spoken!

*Child of Hate*

There has been no update on the actions of Lanys T'Vyl.

Things have been eerily quiet. The King ruled that any information being
withheld from his majesty shall be dealt with immediately by death.

As ordered by the King, Dorvias N'Keth continues with the preparations for
the sacrificial ceremony.

*High Elven Princess*

Reports have been flooding in from our secret offices in Faydwer. It
appears that Firiona Vie has obtained the sacred stones that she needed for
performing a ritual to summon the Avatar of Tunare. Our spies continue to
monitor the situation. It has been rumored that those who oppose the high
elven society may play a key part in the future.

The Neriak Signal edition no. 3

*Child of Hate*

Dorvias N'Keth, the Archpriest of Innoruuk and advisor to King Naythox Thex,
discovered that Lanys T'Vyl, the forsaken daughter of Innoruuk, has learned
the location of the arm of malevolence, the second of the three lost pieces
of the artifact that could destroy our father and give her the ultimate

In order to keep Lanys T'Vyl from obtaining the part of the artifact, the
Archpriest obtained permission from Venril Sathir to seek out the Iksar,
Danak Dhorentath to raise the long since dead General Tzashk, keeper of this
staff for several years.

Once the general was summoned, the location of the staff was made known.
Tzashk informed them that only the great dragon Trakanon would know the true
location of the staff for it was he who defeated he and his fleet and
confiscated the staff from him long ago.

Dorvias N'Keth was last reported as heading to confront the Ring of Scale
about this information.

*High Elven Princess*

After summoning the avatar of Tunare, Firiona Vie and her devoted Mother of
All was surprised by a visit from the Faceless. Yes, the avatar of
Cazic-Thule appeared and banished the floating goddess from Norrath.

The evil presence of the God of Fear still remains in the lesser portion of
the Faydark Forest. While it is not the presence of our hateful father
Innoruuk, the corruption should still amuse the Teir'Dal nation as the scent
of fear amongst the high elves and woodlanders can be smelt from afar.

*The Wizard Al'Kabor*

The recent outcome of Al'Kabor's research has been new translocation spells,
but that is not the most interesting part of this report. Apparently, one
of his assistants betrayed him and he retaliated by stripping the individual
of his wizardry.

While others view him as being a dangerous wizard, we should not fear him.
His mercifulness proves that he is no threat to us.

The Neriak Signal edition no. 4

*Child of Hate*

So far all attempts to stop the disdainful child of hate Lanys T'Vyl have failed. Although Dorvias N'Keth, the Archpriest of Innoruuk and advisor to King Naythox Thex, had learned the location of the second piece of the Malevolence, Lanys could not be stopped at obtaining it.
With little worry of the Crimson Triad's continuing efforts to sacrifice her, she and her followers reached Skyfire Mountains ahead of the King's armies and other enemies.
Lanys and Lord Kazira, keeper of the arm, engaged in a lengthy conversation regarding the staff. Not heeding a warning from Lord Kazira, Lanys rallied her followers destroyed the dragon.
Dorvias then approached and warned her of the dangers of obtaining all pieces of the artifact itself. Lanys fought in an even battle with the archpriest. Lanys called forward her followers to destroy Dorvias.
Dorvias gave Lanys a warning of her sacrifice being inevitable and gated away to report back to the King.
With two pieces of the great artifact, Malevolence, in hand, Lanys returned to her ceased fortress of Befallen to continue to build her forces and rally her allies.
Showing the powers that she holds, Lanys and her followers destroyed the King's soldiers that were building up forces in the Commonlands. She then sent her followers to deliver an ornate amulet that she found amongst the rumble of the slain forces to the Queen's emissary.
Before reaching the emissary, Ashteth T'Dral met up with Lanys followers and informed them that the Queen was waiting for their arrival and told them to meet up with her in Neriak.
Once in Neriak, after finding out about the murders and Lanys' continued defiance, Queen Cristanos Thex warned the followers of Lanys that any Teir'Dal who is caught actively showing their loyalty toward Lanys will be branded a traitor.

The Neriak Signal edition no. 5

*The Child of Hate*

Deep in the heart of Neriak, the King and Queen held a war council to discuss the strategy against Lanys T'Vyl and her followers.
During the council, Mayong Mistmoore appeared in an obvious fit of rage toward the Crimson Triad. He informed the Royals of Lanys T'Vyl's ritualistic ceremony in which resulted in the capture of his minion Khasra Vei'Ras. He informed them of Lanys' location and of her intention to complete Malevolence.
In the Rathe Mountains, Lanys was preparing to complete the ritual. The Crimson Triad interrupted her and a great battle began. The battle was long and bloody. Growing tired and angrier by the wait, Mayong Mistmoore appeared, knocking Lanys T'Vyl unconscious. He then grabbed Malevolence. With the Bloodmoon in hand, he completed Malevolence. He then placed it in the hands of the archpriest, Dorvias N'Keth and told the Crimson Triad to complete the sacrifice of the Lanys T'Vyl.
Instructed by the King and Queen, Ashteth T'Dral and Dorvias N'Keth quickly began the sacrificial ceremony.
Upon the appearance of the Avatar of Hate, he took Malevolence from the hands of the Archpriest with instructions to venture to the Plane of Hate when he is summoned.
Once the ceremony was completed, the King made the following announcement in Neriak:
"Loyal Teir'Dal. The time has come for our nation to move on to greatness. Neriak has conquererd over the armies of Lanys T'Vyl. At last, the sacrificial ceremony has been performed in the name of our father. The Avatar of Hate has absorbed her essence and power. Valizrae D'Tora, the new chosen, has been freed and is no beginning her training to become the new child olf hate."
Lanys's minions, outraged by the sacrifice of their leader, are quickly constructing a temple in her honor. The King and Queen show no concern over this factor.

The Neriak Signal edition no. 6


THe corpse of Lanys T'Vyl was stolen after it was brought to Neriak for the burial ceremony. The Queen had demanded that the ceremony take place out of respect for the forsaken child of hate. Dorvias N'Keth was to oversee the ceremony.
Reports were sent to the archpriest that the three rogues, disguised as priests, that had committed this crime were members of the Primordial Malice, those that continue to remain loyal to Lanys even after death.
Dorvias sent a rogue from the Ebon Mask to gather the information about the theft. The rogue, upon his death, sent messengers back to Dorvias with information regarding the forsaken's corpse.
When Dorvias received the message, he immediately sent one who was proven to be loyal to Innoruuk to Befallen to retrieve the Ornate Ring that was on Lanys' corpse. Scout Ziana escorted this selected agent.
Once in Befallen, the agent found the corpse guarded by Baron Telyx, once a devout Teir'Dal warrior of Innoruuk who fell to Lanys' favor. The agent had to use great intelligence in order to outwit him.
Baron Telyx needed to be convinced of the agent's loyalty to Lanys. If the agent were discovered as a spy, the mission would have failed.
After a painstaking effort, the agent finally convinced Baron to instill trust and turn over the ring. With the Ornate Ring in hand, Dorvias used it to summon Lanys' corpse back to Neriak so that the ceremony could be completed.
Dorvias demanded that the agent hold the Idol of Innoruuk as further proof of loyalty.
The Prince of Hate then appeared and called forward the loyal being and explained that for their loyalty they would carry the victory of Hate over their enemy by accepting the chosen duty. He granted the Coin of Malevolence and directed the chosen to Vorshar the Despised in order to obtain the Malevolence.

The Neriak Signal edition no. 7

*The Primordial Malice*

The followers of the recently sacrificed Lanys T'Vyl have completely abandoned their hold over the Temple of Befallen. Rumors have it that these subjects of malice have constructed a shrine to worship the former Child of Hate in solitude while continuing their efforts to recruit new members.
His majesty expressed no concern of this development merely stating that the Primordial Malice is of no concern to Neriak but they are being watched closely.
In addition, he stated that those who continue to turn their backs on Innoruuk will no longer be welcomed in a city of his children.

*Plague in Qeynos*

Humans may have found a resolution to their little problem in the Karanas. The priests from the Temple of Life have gathered documentation of extensive tests and investigations and analyzed the results.
An idol from a farmer who had joined up with the Bloodsabers in an act of self-preservation was the key for the priest of Rodcet Nife in discovering the process of smudging the Karanas.
Our own priests have stated that the solution was obvious and should have been discovered long ago. However, it has always been evident that the humans are a tad slow at researching such things.

*Al'Kabor the Wizard*

The wizard Al'Kabor has been continuing with his research of the Combine Empire. It appears that he has recently obtained documents from descendents of the empire and has taken a step to advance his research.
A more amusing note to this is the fact that some of scholars in Qeynos have offered to assist him with his research.
While he is not the most brilliant being on Norrath, even he could not possibly want the help of the idiotic scientist of Qeynos who took an enormous amount of time in discovering a solution to the end of the plague that has been killing them for such a long time.

The Neriak Signal edition no. 7 volume 2

** The Primordial Malice **

The foolish Primordial Malice ,
a cult attempting everthing they can to resurrect Lanys T'Vyl , has
found a way to steal and corrupt the powers of Hate.
When attempting this madness,they unleashed a spirit that they assumed
was Lanys T'Vyl.
However,they were met by the powers that came from the realm of hate
Needless to say,Innoruuk's powers were more that they could handle.
They became overwhelmed,one of their pestilent priests managed to
escape and is attempting to cure the others with the blood of the

No matter,Innoruuk's power shall always prevail.

** Varsoon the Undying **

Varsoon,a most prominent Teir'Dal necromancer now turned zombie,has
resumed his preparations for attack on the human city of Qeynos.

Varsoon is gathering his undead army along with the support of Vashaar,
the first Disciple of Innoruuk who has graciously offered his support
in this effort.

So Varsoon's movement have been outside of the city.
However,Once Vashaar's troops join up with Varsoon's undead,the raid
should most definitely move forward.

The Child of Hate Herself Lanys T'Vyl


I'll be posting the Neriak Signals here as soon as the new editions are released in Neriak.

I missed the 1st edition of the Signal if anyone has screen shots of it please e.mail them to me at zgridlox@hotmail.com , I searched all over the web and couldn't find any copy of the 1st edition maybe there wasn't one I'm not sure ..